Why Choose Remote Healing Instead of Hands-On Bodywork?

By Mindy Cohen, PT, CST on June 10, 2020

It works.

Many studies have suggested that distant healing, including prayer, is often effective in improving patient outcomes. For example, there is statistically significant evidence that energy medicine is helpful in reducing pain intensity. Also, a study, in 1999, found that remote prayer was correlated with improved outcomes in a cardiac care unit. Another study from 1998 with AIDS patients, found that distant healing contributed to a decreased number of new illnesses, decreased medical utilization and increased mood.

Admittedly, more studies are necessary for it to be integrated into mainstream clinical practice, but it is also difficult to standardize this intervention because it is hard to measure the skill of the therapist or the dosage. Regardless of the research, however, 62% of American adults reported using some form of complementary or alternative therapy in 2019. Since distant healing is widely used throughout the world, if you’re still looking for options to ease your current concerns, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to at least give it a try.

It can be more effective due to it’s high degree of specificity

You are the expert on you. No one else knows what it feels like to be you. That’s why you are the best person to pay close attention to yourself. When a body notices itself, it can change. Sometimes people need support and guidance to be with difficult sensations or emotions in their bodies. Sometimes people have trouble identifying or discerning what they are feeling. In distance healing, you control the rate and pace of the process. No one can make you heal. It is your attention and openness that allows the shift. When you focus on these dysfunctional parts of yourself, with a healing intention, your condition can make a profound turn around.

You will feel a sense of personal empowerment

Surely, medical treatment is necessary when a doctor performs life saving surgery or prescribes critically needed medication, but after it is all said and done, a person’s innate healing forces must integrate the intervention provided. The treatment facilitated a healing response in the person. While we are grateful to be well again, with the doctor’s help, people may give their power away in the process.

Using distance healing, it is easier to take ownership of your power to heal because you feel it happen as you attend to yourself. Ultimately, a remote healing practitioner supports and guides you in healing yourself and then your trust in your self healing mechanism grows. With this knowing, you gain a sense of empowerment that your body has what it needs inside to heal what is broken or diseased.

It is more convenient.

This one is obvious. You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t even have to put on pants! It’s super easy to stay home, turn on the computer and feel the safety and support of your home.

You are more likely to get to the root of your problem for long lasting results

When you work on the energetic level, you work in the field of endless possibilities. The answers to your problems are coming from within you. Often times, people with chronic problems are running from one doctor to the next trying to find someone else to fix their specific problem; some doctors helping a little and some not at all. With distance work, you are the best person to address your particular concern and when you finally do so, the results are amazing.

There are no risks which supports ethical principles of beneficence

If it doesn’t work, then there is little lost. There are no side effects with distance healing. On the contrary, medications can have side effects or surgeries can make things worse or cause new problems.

If you resonated with this post, why not try a session?

Mindy Cohen, PT, CST has had been helping people for more than 22 years, providing remote healing and in-person bodywork sessions. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a session, please call 802-999-7101 or email mindy.cohen@icloud.com.